Since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed building things, but it was Microsoft FrontPage that introduced me to my passion for creating websites and apps. Early on I began creating websites, which to me seemed like a Choose Your Own Adventure, a way to create your own stories for anyone in the world to experience. Many years and products later, I still love telling stories by developing tools and apps that create wonderful experiences.

Currently I work as a product manager focusing on improving the overall user experience across iHeartRadio’s iOS app, Android app and website. Previously I was a product manager for iHeartRadio’s Android app guiding it to over 50 million downloads and a stellar 4.7 rating in the Google Play Store. I also lead an initiative to launch an entirely new podcast platform across iHeartRadio’s iOS app, Android app and website that introduced several innovative features including cross platform episode progress history.

When I’m not working as a product manager I sometimes moonlight as a developer, in 2015 I built and launched iHeartRadio’s Chrome Extension selected as one of the best Chrome Extensions of the year by Google.